Linkapalooza: Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

Before we get into it (HEY-O), here is this week's weekly unicorn installment. I LOVE that someone has this in their office.

And on to the links. As I've been reading and educating myself more, I'm learning that many (myself included) are woefully undereducated about sex and sexuality, women's health and reproductive issues, gender identity and expression, etc. etc. So, would you like to learn along with me? I'll share with you some of the stuff I'm finding of late...great resources, links and articles. And I'd love it if you could share your favorite stuff with me, too.


OF COURSE, there will be a fine bit of ridiculous thrown in there for good measure. You know, just so you know you're in the right place.

OK, onward! (I'll make sure to mark the ones that may not be SFW for you!)

My wife won't have sex with me, so I have sex with prostitutes. Um, wut?

This is a long read, but an AMAZING one. Every woman must read this article this very weekend. No excuses. A Unified Theory of Orgasm. (possibly NSFW)

Here's an excerpt:

My fear of being perceived as "demanding" during sex and relationships was at a ridiculous extreme back then. For example, I'd heard over and over that boys don't like girls who are "high-maintenance", so I told my boyfriends that I never wanted them to buy me flowers. I thought that men would feel relieved that they didn't "have to cater to me", but they were just puzzled. (One responded by buying me fake flowers.)
Sacred Sexuality. Read for interesting information on “masculine” and “feminine.”

Did I Orgasm? (Might be SFW if you use headphones. It's a VLOG, ya dirty birds.)

The above link came from what might be one of my new favorite sites ever. Dodson and Ross...two kindred spirits, teaching women all about female orgasm, sex, and masturbation. They are candid and hilarious and I LOVE them. (NSFW.)

Lift Sex Ed to a Higher Plane.

I adore Clarisse Thorn. Her writing on her own sexuality has helped me understand my own better than just about anything else out there. How did I know that SM was right for me? (NSFW)

Kinky is an adjective, not an activity. (NSFW)

LADIES. We MUST educate ourselves further on our birth control. Don't buy the hype from slick commercials that birth control is "healthy" for you. At the end of the day, it's still a drug with side effects...sometimes very serious ones.

I like this site for ways parents (or trusted adults and guardians) can talk to their kids about sex ed.

Really interesting perspective on sexuality and religion:

Often, people equate sexuality with sex—particularly, sexual acts. However, sexuality includes so much more. It includes sensuality, intimacy, identity, health, and reproduction. Because sexuality is often used to influence, manipulate, and control others in ways that are harmful and destructive to the body and spirit, faith communities are called to support an ethic of human sexuality that embraces healing and health, justice and mutuality.
This is great. Ten Tips for Parents of a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender Child

Hahaha! Hilarious, JAW DROPPING (seriously?? HITLER?!?) and sobering (according to these posters, only “loose women” give disease to clean-cut, upstanding white men). The funniest sex education posters of all time.

Why might a video about a monkey taking a bath be appropriate for a Sex Ed post? Well, just listen in real close around :45.