Linkapalooza: Kitchen Sink Edition

First, your weekly unicorn picture installment, GRUMPY UNICORN IS GRUMPY!!!

Get naked with Steve Pavlina.

AUGH.  Challenging, inspiring, humbling, awesome.

Didn’t we burn our bras in the last century?

Hands down, the coolest website I’ve seen in a long, long while. Seriously, if you only view one link in this whole post, make it this one.

Ken talks about his balls.  And lo, it’s funny.  (PS--Not an entirely SFW site, but definitely worth a read through when you get a chance!)

All baby lemurs should be named Hamish. ALL OF THEM.

How did I not know about Jonathan Adler online?!

The comments on this post are AMAZING.

Just. Died. Of Cuteness.

Luxirare is the shit: Breakfast Tea & Pastries

HP kids, American accents (haha, "Twilight blows"...also, how hot is Tom Felton in this video? #nerdalert)

Daniel Radcliffe does Tom Lehrer.

But THIS is my favorite Tom Lehrer, by far!

Not only is it one of the best Twitter accounts out there, it’s now a video.  Could not breathe when I watched it.  Holy shit:

English 50 Cent - In Da Club from english 50cent on Vimeo.


Happy Friday!