Linkapalooza: Gigundous Holiday Weekend Edition

I know some of you have to work today (boooo!), but lots of you are home, all food-ed out, and maybe needing a little break from family chaos.

Behold, I bring you great tidings. For unto you is born this day the world's most awesome and gigundous link list post EVAR. Enjoy!

Unicorn picture first, thought, right?

Yes, that's right. It's a unurkey.

You're welcome.


Whoah. Menopause is both hilarious and terrifying when Roseanne Barr talks about it. Either way, great read!

More awesomeness from Erin about what it was like to reunite with her husband after nine weeks of boot camp.

Uhhh, seriously? This woman has three children...and thought it’d be a good idea to try a vodka soaked tampon. Yeahhhh, ain’t no cure for stupid.

Is it sexist to expect women to cook? (Yup)

This is some nerdy (but cute) shit.

The sexual appeal of non-gender conformity.

I know that look...

Divorce and the stay at home mom

Hahaha! Wife tries to sell husband on Craigslist

Top 10 things to NOT do in divorce court

Why women in their 20’s get hitched when they should have ditched (I’m totally with, “I thought marriage would change things.” Yup.)

"The real “danger” to society in recognizing our right to marry is that we will inevitably queer marriage. Broadening the definition in one way presents ever more ways in which we may negotiate formal, legally recognized relationships that match the way we live. We are sure to see social and legal changes at an increasing rate, as our private lives accommodate new ranges of possibilities, and even more rights are clamored for and eventually won. Someday we’ll win the rights to create our own marriage contracts, decide for ourselves their conditions and constraints, and even the number of participants in a marriage, or how many marriage contracts one person may enter at any given time. The conservative forces might hope that the radicals will be appeased with an offering of equal marriage, but only the first wave of conscious gay citizens can possibly receive its birthright as if it were a gift."

Why can’t I talk to my friends about sex with my wife? (Dudes, no man is an island)

Also, why won’t my wife have sex with me?

And here's an answer by a couple o' dames.

Gift giving do’s and don’ts for singles in new relationships (always tricky, for sure!)

Yes! Finally! Thank you! Breaking Dawn and dating abuse

Also, in case you needed Twilight explained to you.

Why one in ten of us is into S&M

How to spot a narcissist

How to chat up an introvert

How to deal with manipulative people

[My size has] just never been an issue–at least, I’ve never hung out with the sort of horrible people who make it an issue.”

Help! I can’t have an orgasm!

A feminist’s secret sexist fantasy

“...when you hear that shit, just sing. When you feel like you can’t sing, just sing. When you feel like you’re no good, just sing.”

Adorable kitten video that made me have super fucking weird dreams about kittens:

Have a lovely weekend!

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