Linkapalooza: Dang, Girl!

This week's unicorn pic is technically titled, "The Last Unicorn." I would like to re-christen it, "Unicorn Taking a Dump." Fits better, doesn't it?

This is a little long, but so worth the read. Sex-Positive Feminism.


I am not entirely sure how I found this blog, but man this is one funny post about kids and soccer. I may have snorted a time or two.

A little older (like, last week) post on the future of creativity in the digital space. Yes, yes, yes! Thank you!

I can't stop watching this. It's really amazing, and just the tiniest bit scary.

These are stupid and I want one.

I can't wait to make this...mostly because I've already been through a bottle of the store bought stuff in record time.

Westboro Baptist decided to do a little protest in Ohio. The last line of this article about the impending protest is gold, pure gold, I tell you.

I may or may not have a slight girl crush on fellow Post College Survival Kit e-course teacher Alex Franzen. How Not to Write a Sales Page.

I got to do a fun video with some local lady bloggers for the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Can you spot me? (Hint, I'm toward the end.)

PS22 knocks it out of the park again with one of my favorites, "Awake My Soul"

And this one gave me chills at the chorus. That kid can BLOW, geez!