Linkapalooza: B-E Enthusiastic!

Today's unicorn installment comes from Pinterest (where, yes, you CAN follow me!)

Oh, STFU, Penelope Trunk. "Divorce is immature and selfish, don't do it." (Well, at least she can write a catchy headline.)

And, someone answers. "Calling divorce immature and selfish is immature and selfish."

In other news, 3 reasons to get a separation instead of a divorce.

10 Things no one wants to see in your online dating profile.

Oh, this is kind of sad. Dating sites sued by fallen soldier's family.

Hahaha, dating fails: You can't make me want things.

The Awl released its complete guide to online dating for women.

This seems like a bad idea...a new dating site lets you figure out what went wrong in a failed date/relationship.

10 best U.S. cities for dating. I was kind of surprised by number one!

Great relationship tip from Cup o' Jo.

The myth: men are horny, women are not.

God, I love his enthusiasm:

A great little (very) short film about a man and woman who constantly fantasize about each other:

Sweet from Media Ninja on Vimeo.