Linkapalooza: Awesome Foods Edition

I kind of have a weakness for food blogs.  I don't even cook that much, and when I do, it's nothing fancy.  But oh, the people who CAN cook?  And then take lovely pictures?  Love, love, love.  Here's some of my favorites of late:

Nobody, and I mean nobody, does beautiful, exotic food like Luxirare.  Check out her sea urchin tempura.

Simple, pretty...delicious.

So...I have to confess that until like, 6 hours ago, I did not really know what kale was.  And now that I do?  I want to make and eat this delicious salad.  Mmmmm....

My new friend Wenderly made these amazing Chocolate Covered Sweet and Salty Apples.

Instead of ordering out, why not make this super cheap Honey Wheat Pizza Dough?  SUPER CHEAP.

Vegan cookies and cream cupcakes?  Yes, please!

Not food related, but my friend Jon is amazing.  HE MADE the Ironman costume.  Yes, made.  Like, with his hands.

Want.  To make.  For work.

If I was more patient (and I am soooo not) I would make these Cake Pops.  Instead, I will simply wait until someone makes them for me. 

Good Fuck!

Ooooo!  A Zero Cake! (Scroll, scroll, scroll!)

The world's only desirable muffin top.

THE BEST baked sweet potato fries.  I've made them several times.  Soooo delish.

Where are you?  Oh...the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.  Can you pick me up some breadsticks and a chalupa?  (PS--This song will be in your head for the rest of your life.)

Best love song about a cheeseburger ever.

Bon Appetit!