Linkapalooza: Arts, Crafts and Design Edition


I would say a good half of the blogs in my Google Reader are related in some ways to arts, crafts and design.  Here are a few of my recent favorite finds from among them (and among some new ones, too!).

Pretty sure I wouldn't have the patience to do this, but here's How to Make a Whale with Your Bendy Straw

Free printables at Perideau designs...the blog printable is genius, and great for you tactile bloggers out there!  Um, did I mention FREE yet?!

Think these are pretty?  Look’s recycled bike parts!  (When people get this creative, it makes me want to just go wild with a glue gun, or a paint brush or...something!)

It’s decorative gourd season, motherfuckers!

New kind of family photo.  I loove the sassy portraits of the little girls over their individual beds.

Want to look cool and save the earth at the same time?  Check these adorable coffee sleeves made by local Columbus designer, AmyD!

Just discovered this blog by another local Cbuser.  Lots of great design ideas and finds!

Oo, clever!  A great way to reuse an old ball jar.

And of course, because Design*Sponge is the go-to spot for clever, here are some more clever (and cute!) uses for old things.

Must.  Haves.  Knitted.  Poufs!

B finds the coolest stuff.

Awesomely styled Halloween table. (Scroll down the post for yet more free printables!)

Cute non-carved pumpkin decorating from the always fun Young House Lovers.

Weird but cool angular house.  (The interior looks so CLEAN.  Want.)

Rustic-industrial-cool pipe and ply shelf.  I might do these in my new place as a change from plain built-ins.

Just look at this beautiful hotel!  And Christopher Walken!  A beautiful hotel and Christopher Walken!


Happy Friday!