Linkapalooza: Animalistic

Well, I just couldn't help it. All these links are kitten, puppy and animal-tastic. I guess I just found too many good ones to pass up this week.

First, your unicorn.

Next, text from dog.

Kitten vs. kitten. It's a kitten war. (thanks @torn_angel!)

And, pelvic thrusting cats.

French dog, french cat.

Animals who are extremely disappointed in you.

For the musical animal in your man.

Feel pretty seal.

"May the peace of Christ be with you." Erin makes me laugh. (PS--it counts because there is a lamb)

Bunnies. Delicious, delicious bunnies.

Everything on ZooBorns, ever.

This video makes me feel like an animal inside. I know they're playing brothers, but how is this the hottest thing I've ever seen? Oh my with that tension!

Animal. Mama. Animal.

Happy Friday!