Last Call for Entries!

Hey kids!  If you wanted to submit photos for my upcoming project, today is the LAST DAY for your chance to win ETERNAL FAME AND GLORY (or at least, a virtual pat on the head)!  Please e-mail your submission to thenakedredhead (at) gmail (dot) com by midnight EST tonight, May 3.  Winners will not only receive publicity for their blog/flickr/whatnot, but they'll also get a free copy of their photo within the project.  I've gotten some awesome entries so are a few!

As a reminder, here's what I'm looking for:

1.  Water from the Sky--A picture or photo that features a soft rain.  It can be droplets in a lake, or a summer shower on a beach.  Or, a picture of a cottage or a shack in the rain.  You know...water from the sky.  If you find a way to feature a woman or a couple, that'd rock.

2.  The Rumble of the Gods--Any picture or photo that gives a feeling of thunder or an impending angry sky, clouds of grey over a forest (preferable), whatever says to you, "Holy shit, I better get inside!"  A woman or couple again would be nice (but not necessary).

3.  Flashes of Light--Lightning, lightning, lots of lightning.  If you can compose something with lightning that also features a religious symbol (a cross, a Madonna, etc.)  bonus points for you.  Yup, you guessed it, a featured woman or couple would be great.

4.  When the Downpour Ceases--Ideally, I'd like to see something where the viewer can tell that the storm JUST passed, maybe the bright sun coming out, a rainbow, a drying sidewalk.  And again, a woman or couple would be cool.

Winners will be announced May 6!

And finally, here's a few hints about what I'm working on:

-It's a staple on the beach

-You can find it at garage sales OR at a fancy store

-It has the ability to make you laugh, roll your eyes and cry in the span of just a few minutes

-When I was younger, I had to hide mine under the bed.

Any guesses? :)