Labeling, Coding, Healing

If you bury or drown things in your life long enough, they'll eventually come bubbling back to the surface, probably right around the time you're hoping your past won't screw with your present.

Just this time, they'll have decayed and poisoned and filtered into parts of your life you never thought possible.

I'm in the midst of dealing with this "bubbling." I can't help but picture myself as a pool of black goo these days, with various flotsam and jetsam slowly surfacing, dead and gunky and just begging to be cleared out.

It's scary, because part of the process is labeling and codifying these things or events. Sometimes when they resurface, you realize you never properly called it what it was when it happened, or maybe before you blamed yourself for those things happening to you.

When you start to categorize, you can even find that the problems are bigger than you imagined, far more consequential to your life. Many instances where you freaked out or acted a certain way begin to make sense, and while the process of cleaning out the muck is painful, at least you have an answer and can begin taking steps to truly releasing these things from your life.

If you label it properly, give it a name, you can start to heal and deal and move on. 

And yes, I know I'm being Captain Vague Blogger today. I have more to write about, and have a renewed commitment to writing regularly on this blog after losing myself for awhile (funny how pushing out the creative things in your life and "losing yourself" seem to go hand in hand).

This little corner of the Internet is good for my soul, and you know I always appreciate that you're along for the ride.