Kick-Ass Role Model: Nikki B

I was going to write a post about how there seems to be a lack of good role models for both men and women on how to be sane when it comes to love, sex and relationships.

And then a comment rolled in on yesterday's post, and I got all Scarlett O'Hara and raised my fist in the air and was like, "As God is my witness, this is fucking awesome!"

And then I made some clothes from the drapes, just for good measure.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I'd love to highlight some real life role models for you as I find them.

Drum roll, please!

Our role model today is Nikki B.

You can follow her on Twitter here, and read her amazing blog here.

Why is she a good role model? Well, this comment, for firsties:

I've said it before, and I will say it again - there is only one person you can control in your life: YOU. You can't control other people - when you meet them, how they act while you know them, when/if they will walk out of your life. BUT you can control what you do with your life - and you CAN find your own happiness, regardless of having a partner. Even if you know you want a partner - you shouldn't need them to be whole and happy. They should compliment your life, not make it or break it.

And also because of her about page, which just blows stereotypes to smithereens (which I love):

Well. I am a woman who loves sex. Loves it. Loves it with men. Loves it with women. I don’t discriminate based on gender – but please, avoid the word “bisexual”. That just makes me think of sorority girls who make out with their BFFs at parties because the boys like it. Or straight girls who like the attention of not-straight girls – but care less about leading someone on and more about the fact that boys like it.

So there you are! Check 'er out, read her stuff and know that there are some sane people out there who you can look up to for love, sex and relationship whatnot.

Oh! And if you have a role model you'd like to submit to be featured on TNR, nominate them here!