Keep it Simple

Keep it simple.

With your wants, desires and problems.

What do you really want?

Boil it down to a simple phrase. To say, "I want get married, have a family, live happily ever after" is a little too complicated. 

It is probably more true to say, "I want to feel loved, protected, valued."

When you know what you really want, you'll find you may have alternatives you didn't see before. 

What do you really desire?

Pleasure? Intimacy? Companionship? Success?

It's probably less complicated than you'd think.

When you know what you really desire, you can be more open to possibility...or close doors on situations that are less than fulfilling.

What is really the problem?

What is the root, the heart of the issue? It's likely that it's not depression, or alcoholism, or anxiety, or panic. It's probably not completely due to an incident or experience, either (though those can be starting points, triggers, incubators).

Don't confuse symptoms with diseases. 

Pare down, simplify. What do you believe or not believe about yourself? Sometimes the problem--the REAL problem..all the fights and tears and broken relationships and pain--is something as simple as, "I do not believe I am worthy of love," or "I believe your approval is integral to my love for myself."

When you get to the root, to what's really happening, and when you name it and label it, you can fix it. Excise or change negative thinking (or people). Start to heal. 

Or finally, finally have peace.