It's Just Networking (also titled: You'll KNOW When I'm Trying to Get in Your Pants)

I've mentioned that I've been making more of an effort to connect with people offline, and for the most part, it's been fantastic. I've met some of the coolest, most fun, super great people on the planet.


I've also noticed that there's still a whiff of the whole high school, "I can't meet someone of the opposite sex out for coffee/drinks without it being misinterpreted as...something."

Duuuuddddeeesss, you gotta know by now that I'm a pretty frank individual. You'll KNOW if I'm trying to get in your pants. And no, I won't try it in public over a cup of steaming hot coffee while talking about affiliate links.

I DO, however, want to make lots of new friends. I also like to joke around a lot. I also blog under the moniker "The Naked Redhead".

Maybe I'm just being a big tease.

(I'll also tell you, when it comes to dating, I'm a traditionalist at heart. I want to be asked out by a guy, I want to be taken to dinner, I want to be wooed. (Haha, "wooed.") I don't want to necessarily talk about the nitty-gritty about blogging or social media on a date. I don't want to discuss my fledgling business plan on a date. If I've asked YOU out for coffee or's not a date. Sorry. How very anti-feminist of me, I know.)

But here's the thing...let's calm the hell down, people. Let's get over ourselves and our need to bang one another and just say hello, person to person. Let's meet one another on neutral ground and let's be decent human beings about it. Don't use LinkedIn or Cbusr as dating sites. They're not dating sites. I'm not on those sites because I want to date (actually, I don't think I'll ever use the internet to date again...but that's a post for another day). I did not ask you for drinks because I want to date. I did not show interest in your business because I want to date.

I just want to know YOU. You could be completely without genitalia or nice pecs or lovely smelling cologne or super hot stubble and I'd still want to meet YOU. If drinks happen to be involved, and I've happened to shower that day and I'm wearing a cute shirt, bonus.

And while I kind of hate the word "networking" (a word that makes it sound like I'm only trying to get something for myself out of our relationship, which I'm not, because that's what we call "awful, real-life spam") that's sort of what it is. It's me wanting to be your friend...or at the very least, your new, redheaded, sass-talking acquaintance. I want to see what you're about, I want to give my time to you, and I want to connect in a real way, with a real human, offline.

If my intentions are otherwise, you'll know.*

*I may or may not hum the chorus to "Pour Some Sugar on Me" while practicing my best stripper moves as an extra "hint". You'll either want to call 911 because you think I'm having a seizure, or make out with me. Your choice.