In a Word, "Weird"

This summer has been...weird.  And I gotta be honest, I'm not really handling the weirdness as well as I'd like.

I've been trying pretend I’m tough, spunky, full of fire, vim, and vigor.

In reality, I have those days—just like anyone else—where I feel small, timid, worthless even.

Well, not worthless, I guess, but more like non-contributory.  If that’s a word (it’s not).

Like, where’s my place?  What’s my purpose?  For what will I be remembered? 

If there is a society for super-good nap-takers, I suppose I could be president. 

This summer has made me wonder, when will I Goldilocks it and get it "just right?"  I don’t necessarily believe in life-balance, but I’d like some sort of palatable asymmetry...something that’s purposely set askew, but still comfortable, pleasing.

Anyway, I hope to update you all on the weirdness soon!  But in the meantime, what one word describes your summer?