I'm Having an Affair...Officially

So, The Boyfriend bought me a present, as I described in the previous post.  It was so sweet for him to think of me...

...he held out the package...

...I opened it and smiled...

...he had bought me a book...

...one I really, really wanted...

...and had already purchased for myself a week ago on my Kindle.

The room fell silent and the atmosphere grew awkward.  "Ooooh..." I said.  "It's great, really!"

"You already have this don't you," he said.

"It's really, really great!" I answered.

"Oh my god, you already bought this on your Kindle!"

"I really love this book!" I smiled.

"How far have you read?"

"This book is fantastic, thank you for my present!"

I'm pretty sure at that point, he challenged my Kindle to a duel.

Yeah, it's official.  I'm having an affair with my Kindle.  We meet each other's needs, my Kindle and I.  That's just how it is, and if The Boyfriend wants to stick around, he's gotta make room for my OTHER boyfriend, le Kindle. 

The three of us have a very modern relationship, really.