I'm a Big Girl Now

Well dudes, I'm pleased to announce that after much waiting and angst and saving and scraping and searching and stewing and yes, more waiting, I am soon to be a homeowner.

Crazy, crazy times.

Three years ago, I was up to my eyeballs in debt.  I was barely able to make my credit card payments every month, let alone pay my rent and buy food for myself.  In a completely humiliating and humbling moment, I asked my parents for a bailout.  They complied, and promptly put me on a budget that required that I give up just about everything I loved in the world at the time (Chipotle, and voice lessons).  It was for my own good, and I knew it, but it was still pretty awful.

But then I sort of rebelled, and took matters into my own hands.  (Well, it wasn't rebelling, exactly, it was more saying, "Thanks so much, but I gotta handle this myself.")  So I paid my parents back in full, and sought help from a local credit counseling agency.  Next month, I will pay my debt off completely, five months ahead of schedule.

In the meantime, I earned a master's degree, and began saving my pennies.  I took a risk and moved with my boyfriend into his parents' basement.  I saved more pennies.  I lost twenty pounds.  And this month I'll be moving into a kick-ass place as an actual homeowner. 

But I guess that's why my summer has been weird.  It's like I'm going through puberty all over again (seriously, with the stress break-outs and all), and growing up a little.  It's been weird, because while I am feeling like I'm in the homestretch, I also feel a little lost about what comes next.  My brain is kind of fried and my creativity stores are pretty much at an all time low.  In the midst of all this celebration, that feeling scares the bejeebus me.  I am hoping that once my poor little Virgo mind can quiet down a little, I will feel a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

So yeah...weird.  It's a time of both celebration and new worries, but overall, my thirtieth year has been pretty kick-ass.   

A big thanks to all of you for sticking around during the weirdness.  I know it's been a little random here at TNR, but I'm working on it, I promise.  But just in the way of a peace offering, here is a giant picture of a unicorn: