"I Wouldn't Have it Any Other Way"

Y'all? You're just good people. 

The support I've received from those of you who have read this and this is just peachy, and needed, and calming and wonderful.

So I thought I'd give you an update...

...I'm totes doing better. I think I just needed to admit that I was a total fucking mess for a minute there to start turning around. To soul puke all the scary stuff and my pissy-ness and whatnot. 

It also helps that I finally finished "Outdated: Why Dating is Ruining Your Love Life" (aff), which is, hands down THE BEST book on dating I've ever read. Nothing like a feminist pep talk to help you be all like, "Oh, right. I'm actually okay. Or getting okay. And either way, I'm not less of an individual because I don't happen to be in a relationship."

All stuff I knew, of course, and have waxed eloquent on before. I just needed a gentle reminder. And space. And a chance to think and breathe and angrily lift heavy things. 

So friends, I am happy to report that I'm on the upswing. Because, you know, that's what time does. Time and friends and a simple desire to be better, to feel better, and take actionable steps to make that happen.

Last night, in fact, was one of the first I've had in a long time where sitting on my couch--with my dogs snoring softly on the floor next to me--while catching up on my Google Reader and listening to my Julie London Pandora station is just the thing I needed.

In fact, I knew, with certainty, that I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else. 

And that's all any of us can ask for, right? To see ourselves as we really are in the moment and to have the clarity, peace and courage to say, "I wouldn't have it any other way."