Hydrafacial Treatment with New You Center for Advanced Medical Aesthetics

A few months ago, I was invited to receive a complimentary Hydrafacial treatment at Dr. Mary Beth Mudd's office in Columbus, the New You Center for Advanced Medical Aesthetics.

And good lord, is this facial awesome.

In a nutshell, here's what it is:

HydraFacial™ removes dead skin cells while simultaneously bathing new skin with cleansing, hydrating, and moisturizing solutions applied through a multiple micro jet infusion system. HydraFacial™ Treatment attacks the long term inflammation that damages and ravages skin health and appearance. HydraFacial™ helps to maintain long term skin development and health. HydraFacial™ is also a great pre-or post-procedure treatment because healthy skin responds better to other treatments or skincare products. HydraFacial™ is a great value enhancer for those who can maintain good skincare habits and great insurance for people who slip on their daily care.

Not only is it the fastest and easiest facial I've ever had (it felt a lot like someone was just wiping my face over and over with a smooth, cool cloth), it left my skin all glowy soft and lovely without looking like I'd blistered myself on the beach somewhere first. I had the the equivalent of a more invasive facial within 20 minutes, without any pain or down time.The technician even let me know that if I wanted, I could put makeup on right away...which, if any of you have had a more intense facial, you know this is usually a big no-no.

(Also a big no-no after a facial? Tanning. Don't ever do this. Why, WHY would anyone think that would be a good idea...but according to my technician, it's been done, and people get all blistered and burned, like, right before their weddings and stuff. Le duh.)

But I didn't put any make-up on, because my skin. Looked. Amazing. Ain't no sorts of highlighters and foundations that can make your skin look that good. I was like J-Lo, but just in my face and I can't speak Spanish. Well, my skin was like J-Lo's. Fine, I wasn't like J-Lo at all, I just had really nice, celebrity-worthy skin. And it was AMAZE-balls.

It was one of those times in life where I lived the old mantra, "If you got it, flaunt it."

And showing off my skin was a lot more successful than hiking my thong up out the back o' my jeans. Holla!

Anyway, if you live in the Columbus area, I'd HIGHLY recommend Dr. Mudd's office at Polaris. The staff is friendly, and Dr. Mudd has the most perfect skin I've ever seen...which is probably a pretty good indicator that she's doing something right, right?

So, for you folks, I gotta ask...what do you do to keep your skin looking amazing? I've probably tried everything out there, and have finally settled on really gentle stuff after years of more abrasive, aggressive cleansing. I like it!

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