How to Be Dumped (for realsies this time)

So, 'member how I was like, "Oh hey, I'm writing an ebook about breakups?" 

And that was like, oh, a minute ago? 

Well, it's finally happening! Neat!


Woot. I'm a champion.

Woot. I'm a champion.

This bitch drops 7/30 and is chock-full of great little nuggets, like me saying sweet things like the following: 

"Let’s be honest, during your break-up, you will be a stupid fuck. It’s not your fault. You are a broken, irrational, sobbing, bad-decision-making, stupid fuck."

Because you are. We all are. Our bodies turn completely against our hearts and our brains go apeshit on our asses and release chemicals to make us total nutballs. 

I mean, not that it's an excuse for you to like, key your exes car, but at least now you'll know WHY you did it (Kubler-Ross up in this bidness!).

It's also not your typical ebook. This shit is full-length. I did not start out intending for it to be full-length. I really and truly thought I'd make you all some sort of pretty, abbreviated pdf.  

Instead, for those of you who like YA novels (raises hand) that's the length of ebook you're getting. Because I couldn't. Stop. Writing. 

I've had a few friends going through breakups lately and as I watched them grieve and heard them process through their pain, I did my best to treat them the way I needed (not necessarily wanted) to be treated last year.  

It means I doled out a lot more tough love than I usually do. It means I was an absolute STICKLER on the No Contact Rule. It means I said things like, "I understand, but you have to ride this bad day out" and "closure is a luxury." 

I'm sure it made some of the things I had to say (and type) hard to hear (and read). But I know now that had I been a little more strict with myself last year at this time, I'd be coming out of my funk instead of repeating old cycles.  

Anyway, in the next few weeks, look for me to drop a little somethin'-somethin' free for you all right here, my first ever promo video (whaaaat?) and more super FUN THINGS ABOUT BREAKUPS. 

In the meantime, here's a small preview of some of the content as filmed during my presentation for Pecha Kucha this last February: