How I Manage My Online Presence

Yesterday I had a little, er, howyousay altercation with a someone on Twitter.

It wasn't fun.

BUT, it got me to thinking that maybe it might be in my best interest if I shared a little with you all my philosophy for how I manage my online presence.

Because, let's face it, while you're getting the real me, I pick and choose which parts of the real me you get to see. 

Some people call it "creating fascination." Some call it "story." I call it "maintaining a sense of privacy, sanity and--hopefully--a little dignity."

(Oh, and also "branding." Yeah, that. :))

Whatever you call it, it's kind of how most of us operate online, right? We may show one side of ourselves on Twitter, but a completely different one on Facebook. 

So, here's how I manage TNR online.

1. The Blog (haha, like that old banner I toyed with once upon a time? :))

Here is where you get the most of me. This is the place where I "soul puke" and interact with you all. Many of you know that we've had some amazing conversations here, that I've told some of my secrets, that I've shared some of my hurts,  ideas and beliefs with you. If you really want the whole TNR come here.

On here, I play by a few rules (or "brand attributes" if you will):

-Be honest and kind

If I can't be truly honest, then I don't write or talk about it. That being said, while I may get snarky here or there, my intent is never to put anyone down or make anyone feel badly about themselves. That's why I very rarely talk about my current love life (which is completely non-existent at the present time, FYI. Also, HOORAY), or go too much in depth about people who have wronged or hurt me. 

-Be sexy (just enough)

Yeah, we talk about sex now and again. And I've talked about my boobs here and there. But am I going to go into graphic detail about my last roll in the hay and about who put what where when? Nah. (Well, maybe sometimes.) That's why there's the rest of the Internet.

-Be funny, and have a good time.

I really love nothing more than hearing that something I've written or video blogged about has made one of you laugh. Life is funny. DATING is funny. Sex is freaking hilairous (seriously, you should see your O face). So let's laugh and have a good time.

2. Twitter

Twitter is where I share information (cool or funny or relevant articles I've found, great blogs or content by others, ridiculous musings). If the blog is like the relationship you have with a best friend, Twitter is like a networking event to me. I love starting and having conversations with hundreds (if not thousands) of people. It's fast, real-time, and probably my favorite of all the Social Media platforms.

I keep Twitter pretty light. As a rule, I try really, really hard to respond to everyone who @replies me. And that is the truth.

What I DON'T respond to, in general, is

a) negativity, or

b) requests that feel--to me--like I'm being asked out on a date. That feels really weird and awkward to me, and I'll generally ignore the request, rather than give a flippant response or whatever.

Remember...Twitter is a public forum, so anyone can see what you put out there (unless you make your account private...which I won't do). If I'm the type of girl who would be MORTIFIED to be serenaded or--gods forbid--proposed to in public (and I am), it just doesn't feel right to get that kind of request on Twitter, either.

(Incidentally, I also try my damndest to not make plans with friends on Twitter, either. Remember, it's a public forum, and a lot like a networking event. I wouldn't shout across the room to someone, "HEY! DO YOU WANT TO GET COFFEE WITHOUT ANY OF THESE PEOPLE HERE?!?!" at a networking event, so I generally try to avoid it on Twitter.)

3. Facebook

For those of you who meet up with me over on my Facebook Fan Page, you know that I use Facebook for conversation.

In the interest of full disclosure, I try to ask questions there that

a) allow me to generate conversation, and

b) allow me to get to know you better. I could throw you all a survey on Survey Monkey, or I could simply ask you, once a day, on Facebook.

(We have a BLAST over there, by the way...and I've learned a TON about who you folks are, what you like, and what makes you tick. :))

Here's what I don't put up with on Facebook...I refuse to put up with negativity (one reader putting down another), or with those who would try to be disgusting with me. 

I am fully aware that I operate under a name that could very easily be misconstrued for p0rn. I get it. But having someone, without introduction, tell me that they'd, "Pound the fuck" out of me...yes. I will both delete and block that person. If you spend two seconds on my page, you know what I do is not to continue to be awful anyway?

Yeah. I have no patience for that.

So there you go, folks. It may seem like I'm quick to pull the plug on stuff I don't feel like "fits" with what I'm trying to do. I think that's untrue..I do my best to be accepting of everyone who gives me any time from their very busy lives to read my stuff and interact with me.

YOU guys are why I do what I do, and I am beyond grateful for you. I hope you know just how much you all mean to me. Really and truly.

Now you kids get off my lawn, you hear?