Guess Who's on Kindle?? THIS GUY!

OK, so it probably sounds way complicated and fancy to get on Kindle.  It absolutely is not.  In fact, I'd say it's one of the easier things I've done when I comes to my writing...

...but hey, I'm there, so WIN!

Also?  With titles like "Not Just an Orgy," and "Her Very Special Robot," a teenage coming-of-age spoof with metaphored love scenes seems quite tame. 

(I am NOT kidding about those titles.  Boy, do they make me giggle.)

And for my next trick, a podcast.  I don't know when that's coming.  Sooner?  Later?  So please, please...for those of you who hold your breath or refuse to urinate in between my little endeavors, please breathe and use the toilet.  I'll let you know when stuff'll drop.

Happy Thursday!

Per usual, catch me over at The Secret Society of List Addicts where I gloss over some of life's more awkward situations.