Fun with The Naked Redhead and Friends at Cedar Point

Two weekends ago, I was invited along with a few other local bloggers and entrepreneurs (Nate Riggs, Mike Whaling and Eric Leslie) to visit Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH.

And I gotta tell you, between the hospitality, the weather, the work, and the people, it was--hands down--the best time I've ever had on a weekend vacation. Cedar Point was gracious enough to comp our tickets and accommodations, and give us a VIP tour of the place (you can get a similar tour if you're a die hard coaster fan...worth the money for a once-in-a-lifetime trip!).

I was really inspired by the family atmosphere of the amusement park, from the rides for all ages, to the family-type feel between the employees who arrive from all over the world to work at the park for the summer. My favorite part, though, was interviewing some of the employees, and finding out about the life-long relationships they forge from their summers together. In the video below, you'll see one employee talk about how working at Cedar Point is the only time of the year he and his girlfriend of two years actually live in the same place. Adorbs.

Anyway, without further ado, check out this video by OnScene Productions, and Like The Naked Redhead on FB to be notified about how YOU can get a chance to visit the Point this summer! (Also, please pay no attention to my windblown appearance in the video. HA.)