First Ever TNR E-book!

You've watched, you've waited.  You've sat through cryptic hints and weird clues, you've entered a contest and been teased about "projects" and whatnot for weeks.  Well, the wait is over.  Announcing:

The First Ever TNR E-Book!

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And guess what kids?  It's not just ONE E-Book.  It's a series of FOUR novellas, with one released at the beginning of each of the summer months. 

Introducing the "Precipitation Series", four summer faux-mance novellas.

What's a faux-mance, you ask?  Well, imagine that you're a young teenage girl who enjoys stealing romance novels out of her mom's bedroom.  You know the writing is bad and the concepts are usually ludicrous (imagine an ENTIRE novel written from the perspective of a cat.  Yes, it's out there), but you're such a horny little thing, you love the tales of highly dramatic love, silly fights, ridiculously contrived names, and of course love scenes where someone's genitals are referred to as either "member" or "musty love garden."

Now imagine that teenage girl is all grown up, and she has a serious love/hate of the romance genre and wants to write her own novel in her own voice and use words like "shit balls" and "bone down."  Enter the faux-mance, written in classic Naked Redhead style.  

Today I'm releasing the first of the four:  Water from the Sky

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Water from the Sky follows Trent Quinn as she's stuck vacationing in a retirement community with her parents for the summer.  One day she meets a handsome stranger, and though he drives her crazy, she can't help but be intrigued and feel things in her nethers that she's never felt before.  Will they fall in love, or has Trent just made her first enemy? With karate chopping retirees, rabid raccoons, torrential downpours, sprained ankles, convents, and love scenes written entirely in metaphor (yes! it's true!), Water from the Sky is sure to be a fantastic beach read or a tawdry romance to peruse in your office in between meetings.

Water from the Sky is free if you're coolYou're cool, right??  I thought so! Get your copy today!

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