Don't Be in a Bad Mood on Your Birthday. Seriously.

I don't know if I was overly tired from the move, if my hormones were out of whack, or if I simply didn't like the idea of turning another year older, but man, was I cranky on my birthday.

The Boyfriend even tried to give me a light-hearted birthday smack-on-the-ass while I was cooking that evening (which I'd normally enjoy), to which I responded, "My whole body feels extra hurty today so could you please not touch me?"  I might have stomped my foot.  I definitely had a sour expression. 

I was an angel--AN ANGEL!--I tell you.

Because I was feeling extra feisty, I decided my birthday called for a few parts of awesome.  So I did a little o' this:

(^I added some cream sauce to that.  Please, don't worry that I was being healthy!)

A little of this...


And then I made this:

Here it is on fire:

(In case you were wondering, there are only twenty candles on there...that's all the package contained.)

I suppose I should do some sort of reflection post about how the last year has been so great and I've learned so much and blah, blah, blah.  But honestly?  I'm just glad to still be kickin'.  And also?  I'd need a whole lot more beer before I could write something like that.  But just in case you're super sad that I WON'T be doing that sort of post, here are a few of my favorites that I've written over the last year:

I don't need to have kids to feel like a real person. 

I end up being one of what I used to think of as "THOSE people."  What I discover is pretty enlightening and humbling.

Magnum P. I....the hottest fictional man to have ever lived?  You decide.

I rescued a kitten.  A tale of good deed told on Post-It.

I started something new.  Well, I really did!  (If you'd like details, please e-mail me at thenakedredhead (at) gmail (dot) com.   I use a lot of my "real" persona in the project, so trying to stay classy. :))

You're doing it wrong.    

Notes to Self.  Just in case you forget something.

Why skinny jeans are actually torture devices meant to humiliate and demean all women.

And of course, find out if I was dancing, or having a bowel movement (sometimes people are unsure).