Don't Apologize Unless You Mean It (I'm Lookin' at You, Tiger, Brett and oh, Every Other Celebrity)

Uh-oh!  Another celebrity has a sex addiction!  Here's what's about to happen:

1.  Details will be leaked about the sex addiction.

2.  Ladies will come forward as having been boned upon.  They will subsequently be slut-shamed and/or given a book deal.

3.  The wife of said sex addict will appear in a press conference.  She will be silent but strong (READ:  pissed and mentally taking inventory of her current jewelry collection)

4.  The sex addict will give an apology which goes a little something like this, "I was in a bad place, blah, blah, I made a bad decision, blah, blah, I'm sorry for letting you down."

You know what I'd like to see and hear less of?  These kind of shitty, PR apologies.  I'm pretty sure that none of these guys are all that sorry that they got to bang a bunch of beautiful women.  I don't think any of them look at their lives and are like, "Fuck me, I'm so rich and famous that women just throw themselves at me.  WHAT A CURSE."  I think the story is more like, "Fuck me...I got caught.  Shit."

I'm so, so tired of yet another person getting on TV and apologizing for bad behavior that they're clearly not at all sorry about.  I'm tired of seeing them drag their families through the mud, and I'm REALLY tired of some of them being able to turn bad press into good because somehow they've been able to put on an aura of contrition. 

You know what I'd like to see?  A change in behavior.  A QUIET shift in the norm.  Laying low.  That's it.  I can't stand another apology that was clearly orchestrated by a team of people.

I guess I want to see the same from myself and people in my own life.  A "sorry" is nice, but a real effort to be a better human?  Yeah, that's the stuff that garners my respect.

What do you think?  Should celebrities apologize for bad behavior?  How do you feel about apologies in real life?  Is "sorry" enough?