Dear Dudes, We Don't Want to Yell at You (Much)

This weekend, my friend Megan and I ventured out to the 'burbs for the first time in...ever. What followed was a fantastic time, where we were surprised at the corn-fed farmboy hotness that seemed out in full force for the evening.

We also took this picture to commemorate the evening. (Also titled, "This is why I love my friends.")

On the way home (which was far lengthier than our usual citified jaunts), we of course got to talking about men, boys and dating. At one point, Megan told this story about an old flame:

"He mentioned he might visit me on his way from one point of town to the other. When I hadn't heard from him hours later, I texted to see what was up. He went on radio silence and later was like, 'Oh yeah, sorry, I decided not to stop.' This was after rapid-fire texting for days, and suddenly, I ask him a simple question and he doesn't want to answer."

My response (and current theory):

"Oh, yeah. That's because men are always afraid that women will yell at them."

"That is SO true!" she said. "All I really wanted to do was ask a question. I wasn't mad. I just wanted to know what was up so I could make other plans if I needed to."

So, I've been married before, right? And I've been in a long term, live-in relationship. And one thing I learned pretty early on with men...

Nagging doesn't work.

At all. I try to avoid it, myself. (Because sometimes a sock on the floor is just a sock on the floor.)

But some men must have some leftover trauma from their moms or girlfriends or high school English teacher, because I've noticed, as a rule, men seem to avoid confrontation at all costs...even when a simple, 30 second response is all that's needed.

Because, Dudes? Clearly, we've all read enough articles about how women (in general) communicate and talk a whole shit ton. And men (in general) do not.

And here's the thing...most of the time we are Just. Asking. We want to know and process and move on. We may even want to talk to you a little bit about it. It's not so bad, we promise. Most of us are sane enough to not yell or cry over simple questions and answers.

(Though we do know, of course, how much you really, really dread lady tears. PS--Some ladies really can't help it. Blame it on our high levels of prolactin.)

So, I'm just asking...what's your deal, men? Is my theory correct?