Daily Thanks: T-Day Minus 9

Let's hit something today that will most likely make me sound like a crazy person:

My Pets

Here's why.  I have not been the best person of late...off my game, regularly stabby, shortened fuse.  And my dogs?  They think I'm AWESOME.  The new little one comes to see me every evening at about 10 pm and just gazes at me while I pet her ears.  The old one loves to be in my general area every night.  They don't care what I've done or who I've been that day...they just wanna know, "Did you feed me?  Did you let me out and walk me?  Did you pet me?" and that's it.  They don't need a follow-up e-mail, an @reply or a phone call.  They just need me, in all my, er, glory.  They need me to just be there.  And that, friends, is something I can do.  That's simple.  I can easily mark that off a to-do list.  And in exchange for my presence?  Adoration.  That is good, good shit.

T-Day Minus 9:  I'm thankful for my pets.