Daily Thanks: T-Day Minus 7

Today I’m thankful for:

Good books, great stories, fascinating characters

Look, I know not everyone buys into the whole Kindle thing, but I gotta tell you, on a very base “reading” level, it’s awesome.  I’ve read so many books over the past year, I’ve stopped counting.  Some have been fantastic, some not so good, but when I pick up a fantastic one?  Oh, I want to be a better person just for having read just beautiful things on a page (screen).  I want to stand and shout with my new fictional heroine, revel in dark and twisty revenge with a scarily intellectual villain, immerse myself into a new land. 

But even before I had the Kindle, I loved reading.  I still love the heft of a good hardcover.  I love the smell of a musty old manual.  I love the nubby feeling of an antique page beneath my turning finger.  I want to bottle book smell and douse myself in it, curl up in the local library and breathe in the fumes of words, live in the pages with my new friends.

T-Day Minus 7:  I am thankful for good books.