Daily Thanks: T-Day Minus 14

Well, let’s keep covering the basics.  Monday I was thankful for food, Tuesday I was thankful for friends, and today I’m thankful for:


Here’s why.  I’m totally pissed about my place right now.  Nothing is working right, things are leaking, stuff is broken, and it’s just kind of not comfortable to live in at the moment.

Which is so stupid and selfish, it makes me want to vomit straight on my own face (how’s that for a visual?).

My place is warm, it’s large, and it’s not made out of yak dung.  It has working windows, doors, and plumbing (well, just sorta on the plumbing if we’re getting really technical about the state of things).  I can cook inside of it without an open fire.  I can run around naked in it if I so choose.  I can heat it and cool it and clean it and I don’t really have to worry about it being washed away in a monsoon, or collapsing in an earthquake.  I share it with a minimal number of beings.  I have extra storage space.  I even found two empty cupboards the other day.  Just...empty.  I can hear the rain on the roof and actually feel lovely about it because I’m inside, warm and dry.  I’m a lucky, lucky human to have what I have, and all broken, rickety stuff aside, it’s good to be where I am.

T-Day Minus 14:  I’m thankful for shelter.