Daily Thanks: T-Day Minus 12, 11

So...clearly, yesterday I was thankful for NOTHING.  This post, therefore, includes a double dose of gratitude.

Today I'm thankful for both:

Awesome People in my Life


Cleaning Supplies

Awesome People:  I was thankful for friends before, but this is a super special kind of gratefulness for the people in my life who go above and beyond to be amazing friends to me, and for no other reason than that they just are, well, awesome.  Gets me all warm and fuzzy.  Or that could be gas.  Either way.

Cleaning Supplies:  So I like to clean.  Errr...maybe more than the average, not-so-weird, normal person.  I just really like being able to do manual labor that yields such a lovely, tangible result in a relatively short amount of time.  I especially love using cleaning supplies from companies with a conscience.  Hurray for Method and Mrs. Meyer's!  That shit makes me happy.

T-Day Minus 12, 11:  I am thankful for awesome people and cleaning supplies.