Daily Thanks: T-Day Minus 1

One day before Thanksgiving, and I'm thankful for...


Yes, you. You who have been with me from the beginning, you who are new, you who came here searching for naked ladies and stayed, you who found me through Twitter and Cbusr, you who knew me in real life first and read me later, you in your sweatpants, you with the pretty hair, you with the kid and the dog and the cat. You, the person who loves beer and coffee and frankness.  You who crave a little laughter during your day. You, the girl who is striving to live an honest and transparent life. You, the guy who thinks unicorn pictures are funny.

All of you, because you are why I write. You are why I grin like a silly school girl when I read your comments, your Tweets and your Facebook comments.  When I get to meet you in real life, you tickle my soul, because I've learned through this here blog that there's not too much better in life than connecting with the people around you. Life can suck balls, but your relationships with other people can still be awesome. 

So a hearty thanks to all of you. Thanks for being the smartest, coolest, MOST ATTRACTIVE (you are, I know these things) readers on all of the Interwebz. You rock.

T-Day Minus 1:  I am thankful for you, my readers.