Contest Winners--Commence Eternal Fame and Glory...Now!

OK, OK, I know I'm pushing the deadline, but here are your contest winners!  A big congratulations to:

Crystal of 8 Kinds of Awesome for her photo interpretation of "When the Downpour Ceases"

Congratulations, Crystal! 


Eternal Voyager at Venusian Glow for her interpretation of "Rumble of the Gods"

Congratulations, EV! 


Ashley, the Accidental Olympian for her interpretation of "Water from the Sky"

Congratulations, Ashley! 

Great job!  All three ladies will receive a copy of their photo in the part of the project that fits their theme.  Stay tuned on Monday to see exactly what that means!

Also, since there were four categories and I didn't get any entries that seemed to fit the theme of "Flashes of Light" you'll have another chance to enter your photos for that category after Monday's announcment. 

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, check out these ladies' fantastic blogs!