Coming Soon: How to be Dumped [Working Title]

I'm working on a little something for you all that I hope you'll like.

It's basically an e-book chronicling my journey over the last few months as I've dealt with this last breakup.

HUZZAH! You get to either vicariously live through me, or get to be a voyeur to my crazy. Either way, win for you! 

This experience has been somewhat profound for me because it just so happened to dredge up a lot of shit I hadn't dealt with in my life in a way that other experiences haven't.

And, as is wont to happen, because life is an ugly, ugly bitch sometimes, when you don't deal with stuff, it'll tend to smack you right in the old kisser, all at once. 

My hope is that you'll be able to read through my progression (and dear god, I really hope it's been a progression) in the last few months and maybe laugh, cry, or simply identify with my struggle. I think a lot of us when we go through stuff like this, hit some pretty rough, dark periods, but often either a) don't talk about it at the time or b) minimize it by simply calling it a "rough, dark period."

When, in reality, we kind of spastically take a journey through some of our most nuanced emotions. 

And fortunately (or unfortunately) for you, I've journaled my way through it. Don't worry, I'll edit out the tear stains. 

I hope I'll be able to get some real, actionable stuff down for you all. I hope that being on this side of things (the dumped) will help me be a much better dumper in the future.

(PS--Dumpers, please quit being so fucking "gentle", and cut the shit with the "maybe's." Kthxbai.)

I guess that's always been my thing: there's no sense in me going through all of this craziness without it at least benefiting, helping or comforting someone else.

Because that's the one thing that can truly keep us all going: we gotta know that we're not alone in this shit. 

So yeah, I don't have an exact publish date yet (hoping for end of September), but I've got a working title: "How to be Dumped: One Woman's Journey through a Break Up, feat. the F-bomb, Whiskey, Questionable Decisions, and One Neck-Licking Romanian." 

Or something. 

break up photo