Brief Announcement: In Case You Were Wondering, I'm not Danielle LaPorte

***BREAKING NEWS TO SELF: Google stuff before you "start something" you think is cool, Self!***

I quite literally JUST discovered that someone way more famous than I is also doing some 30 Days to Whatnot thing, and a few people are getting the hashtags mixed up.


So I would just like to take this little moment to tell you, Internet, that I had no idea that Danielle LaPorte was doing her 30 Day challenge thingy on the friggin' Huffington Post. Any resemblance to #30daystosanity is purely coincidental, because I don't read her stuff or follow her anywhere, nor does she read mine. I'm sure she is quite lovely, and I bet she is just wonderful and I'm PRETTY SURE she'd say the same about me (snort), but yeah. Just a mix up.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming, I guess?