Bridget Jones's Diary: Fashion Edition

I read the book Bridget Jones's Diary long before I actually saw the movie.  And I while I'll still maintain that the book is better (most books are better than their film counterparts, with the exception of Kevin Sullivan's Anne of Green Gables), the film did a great job of really capturing just how crazy a Singleton's life can be. 

The opening scene sort of sums it up best:


The clothes in this film are short of spectacular, not because the wardrobe styling is bad, but because the character of Bridget doesn't believe she deserves better.  There are some standout outfits, though, with one of them being her disastrous first on-camera assignment.  In the scene, she's supposed to slide down a fireman's pole and do a segment, but ends up simply showing her bum to the world at large: 

Here's my re-interpretation of her TV debut:




Have you seen Bridget Jones's Diary?  What's your favorite scene (besides all the ones that Colin Firth is in:))?