Attitude Adjustment

My parents were big on "attitude." Have a good one, or figure out how to have a good one, fast.

Or hell, even figure out how to have a neutral one, but never, ever have a bad one. 

(A bad attitude is different than negative emotions, but the two often go hand in hand. Being sad is part of the range of human emotion...but one can still be sad while also sporting a decent attitude.)

It was good lesson to learn because attitude shapes outcomes...perhaps not always actual outcomes, but most definitely perceived outcomes. 

A good attitude means the difference between, "At least I gave my best and enjoyed myself," and "Holy god, why the fuck do I even try."

(It's okay to be frustrated--frustration can help drive the need to seek better solutions--but a constant approach of negativity or surliness or resentment can make for a pretty shitty life.) 

The trouble is, as adults, we don't always have people around who both know us intimately AND have the courage to tell us to fix our shit.

(Parents are better than friends at helping with attitude adjustments. To have one or two friends in adulthood who can help you honestly process through your ish is a gift.)

That means we gotta tackle our own shit head on...a thing that is far easier said than done and can take a lot of practice. 

Even the attempt at an adjustment is a step in the right direction. Your situation may indeed suck, and you may indeed need to re-evaluate if you should be in said situation. 

But this moment right here? It's yours to be present in. It doesn't have to be all kittens in rainbows, but it also doesn't have to be a hateful cloud of resistance, either.  

Take a breath. Grab a snack if you're hangry. Walk away for a second if you need to. Or just give a brief "thanks" that you're still alive and kickin' and have a brain to think through things. 

You are luckier than most. Truly.