Announcement: New Comment Form!

Hey, Party People...quick announcement and update about TNR! I've added Disqus comments to this site to provide a better way for us all to communicate with one another. You can now log in with Twitter, Facebook,OpenID...whatever floats your proverbial social media boat. Also if you have an Avatar/Gravatar, we'll be able to see your cute mug.  And...AND, this is a great way for those of you with websites to get a better return from vistors here over to your neck of the woods.

(So many good things...sheesh, I can barely hold it all in.  No, really, I think I need some Immodium, STAT.)

In the meantime, it appears that any comments from the old system are now "bumped" for the new comment form. Please rest assured that I did not delete your comments (seriously, I get near unhealthy amounts of joy from them, so I save Preciousssesssss), and also know that I'm a little sad that they are no longer showing. BUT, I think overall, this is a much better way for us all to communicate, share, and get to know each other better!

And of course, your input is always welcome. If you don't like the new form, please let me know.

Happy Friday!