An Open Letter to My (awesome, fantastic, incredibly patient) Friends

Dear Friends,

You are in my life because I have chosen you, and if you think that sounds creepy, well, ok.  I guess I just mean that I like the people I like and I don't often venture too far outside the circle on a regular basis.  So YOU'RE SPECIAL.  You can ride the TNR short bus.

I wanted to tell you a few things about what makes me glad about you and me (us).

-I'm glad that you talked me out of those shoes/jeans/sweaters.  You were right, I already have seven of those in that color.  Also, I tend to hate that fit on me which I always forget and then I've wasted money on yet another pair of "jeggings."

-(I'm glad, however, that I didn't listen to you that one time on that one shirt, though, cuz it's super cute and I wear it all the time.  It's okay, I won't hold it against you, just like I'm sure you're not holding those ridiculous looking shoes you bought against me.:))

-When I'm being a brat/drama queen/total jerk, I'm glad you have the guts and the honesty to ask me, "Should I tell you what you want to hear, or what you need to hear?"  You're really good at understanding that sometimes I just need to vent, and sometimes I really, REALLY need someone to put me in my place.  I'm glad that when you do put me in my place, it always comes from you wanting me to be better.  That rocks.

-I'm glad you think I'm funny.  It's one thing to make strangers laugh, it's another to get people who know you in your unfunny moments to laugh...even when you're not necessarily trying to make them.

-I'm glad that we can be judgy and bitchy together just as often as we can be kind and warm together.  We feed off each other's energy, which is why we both hate when the other person cries.  Bonus, though, on the crying:  alcohol, bad TV, fried food and/or icecream.

-I'm glad that you often offer to drive.  I kind of hate driving.  Can you tell?

-I'm glad that you had a dream about me and that you were in a panic because I was on your "Protect List."  While yes, dreams can be super weird, it made me feel oddly comforted that I was on your imaginary "Protect List."  I hope you used both guns and karate in your protection of me.

-I'm glad that there are situations when we're in public when we just can't look at each other because we will burst out laughing.  That's fun.

-I'm glad that we now have a regular "Fat Pants" night.  I think we made too much food last time, and SOMEONE (*this guy!*) ate all the shrimp, but man, that's fun.

-I'm glad you trust me enough to tell me when I've hurt your feelings. 

-I'm glad you like my dog, even though you don't really like dogs.  I'm pretty sure in reality you don't like my dog, but I like that you try.  He also likes that you try, because he usually gets full sized potstickers or cookies out of the deal.

-I'm glad that we have often deemed ridiculous, over-the-top alcoholic drinks as "appetizers" to a lovely meal.  I love that we can talk about the frustrations and joys of following our dreams, and I like that when we finally get together, we know (and say) that, "It's so good to see you, because I often feel like no one else gets me."

I hope I've touched on something here that I've shared with each one of you.  If I've forgotten something important, well you know I can get pretty focused and lose sight of things that don't fall within that focus.  You are my family, you have helped shape me into what I am. 

Oh my word, this letter is so sweet it's making me crave donuts.  So, I need to go get a donut.



 PS--If you don't see your picture here, don't worry.  You know who you are. 

TNR Readers--What is one thing about your friends that makes you glad?