All Hail the Heat Beast: Dogs Get Religion

It's starting to feel like fall around here, and since I work from home, I dragged out the portable heater pretty early.

I thought that I would be the one most happy about the warmth.

I was wrong. 

The dogs have been struggling with the chillier temperatures. Here is a picture of them squeezing into the lone late afternoon sun-patch:

The dog in the back, however...the one who is often forced to the edge of the dog bed, has had enough.

In fact, she now has a weird obsession with the heater and has decided to make somewhat of a religion out of sitting and staring at The Almighty Metal Heat Beast from point blank range at least 12 hours a day until her face and ears are hot to the touch. As a worshipper and devotee, she's rather inspiring:

 I didn't believe that it was a full-fledged religion until she snagged her first convert:

And then TODAY, she made this to inspire all followers of the Heat Beast, which, like, makes it an official religion:

I'm considering joining the movement now myself, but they don't allow "my kind" in.

Apparently they think I should not be allowed to choose the way I heat my own damn body. Whatever.