A Pinch of Effort, A Dollop of Surrender

"A pinch of effort, a dollop of surrender," was the instruction on screen.

It's good advice, especially for a chronic "If I just prove myself..." type. 

a pinch of effort a dollop of surrender.jpg

Overachieving, going above and beyond, pushing and fighting and basically doing anything but just enough in the moment is often a recipe for disappointment, or even pain (emotional or physical). 

At the end of the day, if your absolute best isn't enough, then it just isn't enough. It has to be enough for you, period.

Understanding your limits, your headspace, your body, and who you are in this moment is all you have, and it's enough. The problem with above and beyond is that people rarely give you props commensurate with the effort you felt you gave. Which means you start keeping score, and we all know how that works (it's a two-sided game played by just one person who makes up the rules as he/she goes along). 

So just a pinch of effort--your best effort, no more, no less--and a whole dollop of surrender is what you need to get through this next moment, or day, or project or trial.