5 Valentine's Day Tips that are Actually Good for Your Relationship

There are a million Valentine's Day guides out there that are mostly written so that women get what they want and men don't feel guilty that they never get her what she wants. 

But what if this Hallmark Holiday didn't have to be dreaded by some, and breed disappointment in others? 

In fact, what if it could actually be a day where your love for the people you love was a day where you actually enhanced and grew your relationships?

Here are 5 Valentine's Day tips that are actually good for your relationship: 

1. Lower your expectations

Listen, people aren't magic. They can't know what you want or what you don't want unless you say it. Oh, and also? One day over the course of a year doesn't prove or disprove your love for someone. 

Give your partner a break, celebrate the day if you'd like, make it as big or as little of a deal as you'd like, but at least tell your partner either way how you'd like it. (Boom.)

2. Skip the usual

Flowers and chocolates are lovely, and cigars and booze are the tits, but do you really want to do the same thing millions of other people are doing? Which leads me to...

3. Recreate a feeling

It can be tough to be creative...unless you know where to start. How about the beginning (we hear it's a very good place to, you know, start)?

Recreate the feeling of your first date, or the first time you kissed, or the first time you knew you were in love. Go out to that seedy dive bar you met at, have the same meal you had on your third date, or sip a bottle of Boone's Farm and make out in the backseat like you used to when you were kids.

Memories can be powerful things, and can even remind you of all the reasons why you like each other in the first place. 

Don't have a lot of memories in the old bank yet? How about you...

4. Try something new

Creating new, positive experiences together are an incredible way to strengthen your bond.

In fact, studies show that for new and old couples alike, experiencing something new or novel together releases the same chemicals that raged through your body when you were first falling in love. You know, "butterflies" 'n shit. 

So try a new restaurant, take a class together, or see a show. No flowers or chocolates needed here to create an exciting feeling for both of you.

And, of course, exciting feelings lead to other things. So you should probably...

5. Bone real good

Sex, as you know, is a wonderful thing. If you've been together for a while, you know the perfect combination to your partner's body. High fives to you for that great accomplishment (really!), buuuuttt...it's easy to get stuck in the tiniest bit of a sex rut when you've memorized the script. 

So bone real good someplace new, try a new position or play with a new toy. Or hey, just bone real good slowly...take your time, try to find a spot on your partner's body they didn't know they had, and just enjoy each other like it's the first time you've seen each other naked.


There you have it. Whether you choose to celebrate or not, have a great time with that special someone, and love the one(s) you're with!

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