#30DaystoSanity Day 1 Re-Cap and Gift for You!

We have arrived at the start of our challenge! And while I can't say that Day One of 30 Days to Sanity was a complete success (I currently have 10 tabs open. Oops. It's for post-writing! I swear!), I at least took the opportunity to slow down, catch myself when I was multi-tasking, and do one thing at a time.

Here's how I did:

+No multi-tasking, check (texting and driving doesn't count! Haha, I kid).

+Do something creative, sort of check (I didn't do it away from the computer).

+Read only five websites/posts, check (I only read three! Ish! Yippee!)

+Keep Work Time, Work Time, check (I did spend six hours of my day in the car today, so that kind of helped with the old "shut off.")

+Try new things...well, not here yet, but soon.

All-in-all, if I had to give myself a score, it'd be a C, which isn't terrible for the first day, right? RIGHT?!?!

Before I head off to do fun, relaxing things, like NOT READ THE INTERNET, I'd like to share the dose of creativity I had today. It was inspired by my hair this morning, which was mildly inspired by something on Pinterest. I was hoping for beautiful curls, and instead ended up looking like this guy:

So I was inspired to make this. I feel like it needs to be on a t-shirt:

Pin It!

It is my gift to you. I know you shall love it.
What about you? I saw some Tweets about progress (lots of open tabs. I know your pain), techniques (did I see a Toggl mention!?), and progress. I would love to hear more! 
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