2nd Annual Dating Horror Stories Competition: Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

This is our very first entry for the 2nd Annual Dating Horror Stories Competition.  Check out Ashley's story about her very interesting and "creative" date!

The ex-tree climbing dater, looking adorable!So there was a boy.

We met at a bar, he was cute, I was clueless. We decide after our 'meeting' to go on an official, in the daylight, date. Because I like to do things backwards you see.

So I'm all excited about this date with my new stranger.

He tells me he wants to do something, "Different."

How exciting! Screw dinner and a movie. I like a guy who's a little spontaneous.

He wanted to go, wait for it, tree climbing.

I giggled.

He was serious.

But, he was cute and I was newly single, and hell I used to climb trees when I was a kid. Wouldn't our future children think that it was just adorable that Mommy and Daddy's first date was climbing trees in the park? I mean what's the worst that could happen? We go to the park, walk around, 'climb a tree', return to the earth, sit on the grass and talk. I envisioned more talking and less actual climbing of TREES.

So we met at the park.

And we began walking.

Strangely enough I was walking 5 steps behind him. In silence.

He would walk up to the base of a tree, proclaim, "This looks good," then he'd scramble into the tree like a monkey. Meanwhile I'd stand at the bottom wondering what the hell I'd agreed to.
But I did it. I climbed into 8 or more trees after this weirdo in a public park as a full grown adult who should probably have known better. All because I was unsure of this whole new dating thing, and I felt like if I actually went on a 'date' with the stranger I'd dragged home it might wholesome up the situation just a smidge.
The things we do for our image.

So here we are, climbing trees, and each time we'd get into a new tree he'd pause, look around, and then climb back down without so much as a word. It's like once he'd gotten as high as he could he would think to himself, "Well, we did it, off to another!"

Most of the time I was following behind I'd try to entice him into some kind of conversation, ANYTHING to keep from allowing the reality that I was following a stranger through the woods climbing into trees like a crazy person really sink in. And every once in a while I'd get a few words out of him, but then it was back to the tree climbing task at hand. He was obviously very dedicated about our date.

After what felt like an eternity of tree scaling, scratches, sappy hands and ripped clothes we retired to our cars, hugged goodbye, and when I shut my door and watched him drive away I couldn't help but burst into full body hysterical laughter. I mean come on, WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT EXACTLY?

As you can imagine, we continued to hang out for approximately two months.

I think it is quite obvious from this story that I clearly have very high standards.

What do you think of Ashley's story?  Ever been on a "creative" date like this one?

Edit:  I added Ashley's cute mug to this post! :)