30 Before 30: #10-Get a Massage

Believe it or not, before this Friday, I had never had a professional massage.  Due to the kindness of The Boyfriend's Mom, I received my very first massage, and it.  was.  FANTASTIC. 

One of the things I've enjoyed most about attacking this list is that I'm making an effort to try to involve as many people as possible in the completion of said list.  I'm reconnecting with old and new friends, and it's been a total blast.

For my first foray into the list, I was so excited that it was with The Boyfriend's Mom!  Just last week, The Boyfriend's Mom let me know she was getting us both a massage, "just because we deserve it."  I think she was also frightened by stressed out depictions of us in pictures like this:


After our lovely sixty minutes of pure bliss, she took me out to lunch where we got to, as she so aptly said, "Pretend for awhile that we're rich bitches." As you can see, The Boyfriend's Mom is a TOTAL stitch, and so much fun to hang out with.  Thanks, The Boyfriend's Mom!

(I also completed #7 this weekend...I've got a very, very special treat in store for you all with that one.  And by "very, very special" I mean, "very, very humiliating".)

Have you made your list yet?  Don't forget, I'll link to you in the sidebar if you have!