The Skinny...

Hi, I'm Sarah. I write things for human beings who want to learn to be better human beings while relating to other human beings.

Got it? Good. :) 


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I started writing about relationships in 2008 after going through a divorce, losing my religion, and needing a place to "soul puke." 

What's up, Internet? You became my journal for all my feels. 

After a few thousand of words of soul puke, I started hearing that when I worked through my ish, it helped other people work through their ish.


I've written a book, started a podcast, coached people through relationship issues, spoken to students and groups and conference-goers, been published on internationally read websites on dating and relationships, overhauled dating profiles, and answered calls live on classic rock radio (cue 80's scream). 

I love these opportunities, and I love that people find it helpful. Life has been kind enough that I get to do this stuff as a job, and I know I'm very, very lucky to do so.  


It's extremely important to me that change in your relationships starts first and foremost with authentic personal change. If you can't handle your own whatnot, how can you ever handle someone else's?

So that's how we roll here on Date Like a Human (fka The Naked Redhead...and yes, you can still get here from there). True, honest, dig deep and hard (heyo!) stuff that gets to the heart of the things that will bring lasting, life-long, positive change.

Ready for that dig deep goodness, then? Let's go.

Questions, comments, or looking for a coach or speaker? Let's talk.